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New Profile Posts

  1. Bkbkblack
    Life is busy with six kids...and even busier with our first pinball! Loving it!
  2. Dow Fry
    Dow Fry
    Hey guys! I bought the Twilight Zone Pinball game for an arcade and I am having trouble getting it off Free Play. Please help!
  3. rfitz69
    rfitz69 Menace
    Hey Doug, A few of the guys from Bluffs Pinball told me to contact you for a service call. I picked up a Time Machine by Data East a few days ago and it is in pretty good shape, just needs a few tweaks. One of the 4 displays is out and one of the plungers is delayed. Please pm me with your availability. I am in south west Scarborough near the beaches.


  4. windhaus
    windhaus VA3AVP
    plz call if interested 819-0334 im in amherstburg
  5. windhaus
    windhaus VA3AVP
    hey hows it going do you still have the whirlwind pinball ? wondering if you would sell it...?
    1. VA3AVP
      No sorry my friend its my wifes it Is her favourite I just restored the playfield small fortune in that one! over 5 k
      Dec 1, 2017
  6. voranaer
  7. voranaer
    I always like doing trades!
  9. voranaer
  10. Quincee33
    There's no such thing as a bad Pinball Machine.
  11. Phimers
    Phimers brad808
    Hey brad808, I just signed up to ask you a question. I hope you can answer. I'm looking into getting a Chinese vewlix and I saw the post where you were selling one 4 years ago. If you were satisfied with the quality I was wondering if you could tell me the vendor you went through. Also any additional info you can give me regarding customs, etc. would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  12. mwong168
    Most dollaramas are sold out of these GB figures. You are best to check a few local stores yourself and see what they got.
  13. dnaman
    dnaman mwong168
    Hey Mike,

    Can you get me a full set of the GB characters? I'd pay you extra of course. Let me know. ;)
  14. Sampson
    Sampson McMean
    Hey McMean,
    I would be very interested in this, but I live in Kitchener! Not sure how I would get it.
  15. Gunnder
  16. DonnyBraso
    DonnyBraso Honey Badger
    Hey thanks for the reply. Can you shoot me some pics of the wear please..? By phone is cool too if its easier..6132970736.thanks
  17. matthewra
    matthewra Menace
    Hi Menace - coming to Toronto any time soon?
    We could use a couple fixes...
    got a brand new CPub which worked until delivery guy left (ball launch dead and one flipper went semi-dead) and BSD rats no longer registers anything
    cheers Matthew and Melanie
  18. John Connor
    John Connor spikedbat
    Hey. We spoke a few months ago about the robocop you bought. How are your progressing with the refurb? Interested in selling it?
  19. chancegino
    chancegino Menace
    Are you Doug from Playdium?
    1. Menace
      Nope, different Doug.
      Jun 21, 2017
  20. ritewhereiwant2b
    Presently have STLE, LOTR LE and MMrLE