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New Profile Posts

  1. ForceFlow
    Saratoga Pinball & Arcade Show, Aug 10 & 11, 2018!
  2. voranaer
  3. Nicky99
    Nicky99 pinballjah
    Would there be any interest in selling the WPT?
  4. eh97ac
  5. eh97ac
  6. eh97ac
    Banana-fana fo-foranaer
  7. eh97ac
    voranaer, voranaer, bo-boranaer
  8. voranaer
  9. voranaer
  10. Chris G
    Chris G Dino Z.
    Hi Dino,
    I have a Williams Stellar Wars wide body needing a playfield glass. I live in Guelph so would need to pickup from one of your locations or if you are going to an event.
    Chris Giles
  11. James
    James commanderjim
    Hi interested in Your police force pin. Can you send photos or describe game. I’m in Clarington so can come and see too. Thx James
  12. voranaer
  13. James
    James eh97ac
    If you still have the Bally led adapters I’m interested. Wanting to convert my Mata Hari.
  14. nostalgiaqc
    nostalgiaqc ALJO
    Salut ALJO, c'est plate que sorte du hobby, j'avoue que maaca c'est pas toujours évident.
    J'essaie d'y faire abstraction.
    Étant donner que moi je commence dans le hobby sûrement que ces choses me serait utiles.
    J'ai un de mes amis qui habite à quebec.
    Tu peux m'appeler pour en discuter!
    Merci d'avance
    514 912 1420
    1. ALJO
      Salut Yan.
      Merci pour les mots d'encouragement.....
      Je vient juste de voir ton message mais j'ai tout jeté a la poubelle.
      Apr 25, 2018
  15. A31ford
    the pic is actually a 48 Fargo 1 ton..... that cousins & I modded...
  16. eh97ac
    Profile posts can be deleted! Click the 3 dots "..."
  17. matthewra
    matthewra Menace
    HI Menace
    Melanie said we can squeeze in one more for my birthday last week ...
    wanted to ask about STTNG for sale - you clearcoated or cleaned up from Thornhill - seems like play and playfield all good still if you remember it ..
    1. Menace
      Hey Matthew, I believe you're talking about Colin's STTNG? It's a reasonable shape game, it was a replacement PF and clearcoat as Colin wanted to strip the mylar on his original PF and it ruined all the inserts. He didn't want to spend a lot of $ so it's not the best job but it shows well. I didn't do the CC job or the touchups, I had them done locally.
      Apr 25, 2018
    2. matthewra
      thanks, we got it :)
      May 1, 2018
  18. Claude girard
    Claude girard
    im here for fun. Buying fun, selling fun, trading fun.
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  19. Mja
    Mja pinballjah
    You still got doctor who for sale by chance
  20. atariaction
    atariaction Weaser13
    Hi Scott. Were you interested in the xenon or Nitro ground Shaker at all? Let me know thanks Mike thanks