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New Profile Posts

  1. Awfulolatypus
    Hello all im trying to birng back to life a Williams Pretty Baby, anybody that has any knowledge on it please flag me down cheers !!
  2. WpgPins
    WpgPins Dave Astill
    Hello Dave. I see you sell ROMs. I was wondering if you had a set of sound ROMs for Hollywood Heat. In the machine they’re labelled
    703/DROM 1
    703/YROM 1
    703/YROM 2
    If you have these available what would you charge for them to get shipped to Winnipeg?
    Thanks a lot!
  3. cuebert
    Well, hello there...
  4. spikedbat
    spikedbat pinballjah
    Whats your budget for GOT? I will eventually sell my Pro off once i'm done learning it.
  5. boobooboi
    boobooboi juandylan
    Hi. John in downtown Toronto here. I have a nice No Good Gophers and an equally nice Roadshow, either of which I trade for your Champion Pub. Neither of my games are collectors quality, but both are in above average condition and play great! Get back if you'd like more details/pics and thanks. -John
  6. spikedbat
    spikedbat Golden Graham
    What are you really looking to get for the JP?
  7. Barrie
    Barrie mwong168
    Hi Mike I am a newbie even though I joined about 3 years ago. I am somewhat computer illiterate and wanted to post on here WTB Getaway 2 but not sure how. I have also been following some of the most recent threads which in regards to pricing are quite bizarre. I am happy to pay a fair price but in your terms don't want to be this months sucker. Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  8. winbot
    winbot neo_geo
    If you are looking for the cabinet decals, I have a set, I sold my game without installing them. They have the licence hologram.
  9. atariaction
    I know what this space does now!
  10. atariaction
    What is this space for? Status? Status unknown.
  11. pindude152
    Basking in the soft glow of a thousand #47 bulbs... and a few LED's
  12. Calvinator
    Calvinator Williampinball
    Hello what is your asking price for MM?
    1. Williampinball
      13500 it's been restored thanks
      Nov 24, 2018
  13. Kazowi
    I’ll send you a few tomorrow
  14. Kavliari
    Kavliari Kazowi
    Text me some pics...

    How much?


    Also do u have other games u might sell....

    For sttng I'm going off reviews..
    Havent played it
  15. cuebert
    Searching for my perfect first pin
  16. ChrisLIX
    ChrisLIX laci
    Was a pleasure to buy a pin from him! You can go with confidence! Thx++
  17. pindude152
    Swimming in a sea of EM's
  18. Y2will
    Y2will Murphelman
    how are you?
    would you accept 3700$ for the pinball last action hero?
    im from montreal, i can come and pick it up this weekend
    my name is William
    thank you
  19. Governor
    Star Trek Next Generation
  20. boobooboi
    boobooboi Kavliari
    Hi. Tell me more about The Shadow please. Thanks.