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New Profile Posts

  1. Serge Bédard
    Serge Bédard Damien
    Can you drive half way to Montreal ?
  2. Serge Bédard
    Serge Bédard Damien
    Are you interest in a trade with Aerosmith Pro ?
  3. Al Frat
    Al Frat EvanDickson
    What is shipping to L4H3B9 for the translite and plastics?
  4. pmoore66
    pmoore66 Jim Southwell
    Jim - taking a shot to see if you still have a Bally Big Inning. I see you may have posted images at IPDB
  5. spikedbat
    spikedbat Perry L
    Trade Munsters Pro for your Aerosmith Pro?
  6. Serge Bédard
    Serge Bédard vic vetro
    I could go to 3 000 $ for Baywatch
  7. Serge Bédard
    Serge Bédard Damien
    I can go to 8 400 $
  8. jarred
    jarred Damien
    Hey Damien , if you don’t find a trade that you like , I’d be a buyer at $8250 ... just something to think about !
  9. Serge Bédard
    Serge Bédard Golden Graham
    I am interest in Monster Bash Remake LE at 10 500 $.
    You can text me about it at (514) 867-4515
  10. Serge Bédard
    Serge Bédard Mike Grady
    Had you get my message. Awnser me fast please cause there are another machine that interest me and i whant to make my choice now and get one or the other maybe tomorrow.
    1. Mike Grady
      Mike Grady
      Sorry didn't see this cause comes up as alert the way you responded
      I'll let it go for $10700 if your picking up
      Mar 9, 2020
  11. Serge Bédard
    Serge Bédard Mike Grady
    Hi Mike
    If you whant to let the machine go for 10 500 $ i will take it.
  12. Pins4ever
    Pins4ever roar
    I have a JP pro...if your interested. Still loving the game but I might need a change.

    Im also a lot closer
  13. pinballjah
    Current line-up: AC/DC Pro, Tommy, GnR, Elvis, Shadow, Getaway, Dr Who, Comet
  14. Bytor777
    Pinball forever
  15. Thorvald
    Games owned: Black Knight, Defender, Galaga.
  16. Grant
    Road Kings, High Speed, Demolition Man, F-14 Tomcat
  17. vic vetro
    vic vetro chaz009

    Good evening, what did you trade for?

  18. Dan Hubert
    Dan Hubert
    Looking for a restored Bally Elektra. Let me know...!
  19. Mike Gratton
    Mike Gratton Wildcats50
    I'm interested in your RS. Could I get some pics at mikegrat@gmail.com. If you bought it from hippochrome it may be my old game!

  20. Paul DeCristofaro