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FS Pinball chip/rom sale

Discussion in 'Pinball Machines / Parts FOR SALE' started by Dave Astill, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. Dave Astill

    Dave Astill Active Member

    Nov 27, 2012
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    Collingwood Ontario
    lots of interesting new roms are out ,
    custom roms
    Star Wars data east
    Jurassic Park

    Bally free play roms for your classic games

    Led patches for 1992-1994 wpc games

    i have them . i am having a sale , prices far below my ebay store and in Canadian $. I ship 3 times a week so you will get them fast. Besides roms i also have , wpc security chips , gottlieb system 1 adaptors for the cpu , dcs wpc sound gal chips , u213 stern including sharkeys gold dot and lotr special u213 shaker pal chip , free play only roms and regular u213 , stern data east , sound and display pal chips , 6800 , 6821 , 6502 , 6532 , 5101 , 6810 and much more.
    I am located in Canada so shipping is fast and cheap.
    pm or email me with requests

    Dave Astill

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