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Top Tier on Tour - Samuel and Patrick's Bearcade [4K60FPS]

Discussion in 'General Arcade Chat' started by TopTierArcade, Jan 10, 2020.

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    Apr 28, 2016
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    On this tour, I re-shoot a video I shot 2 years ago. Sasha picks me up as we are invited to a small arcade party and visit Samuel and Patrick 's Bearcade. The biggest collection of Universal arcade machines and unique rare games I have ever seen! Samuel gives us a guided tour explaining the rarity of his games, including only the 2nd known complete Japanese MAPPY cabinet in the world. Samuel also gives us a look at his new free play option he has created with a 3-D printer, which will be available for sale soon...

    Plus, Patrick and Sasha apply custom ROBOTRON artwork. Lastly, Samuel gives us the story on how him and Patrick got started in the hobby.

    All this and more in this video...


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