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ANSWER WPC not booting- Solved

Discussion in 'Pinball Tech Support' started by mIkea, Nov 6, 2018.

  1. mIkea

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    Sep 13, 2017
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    Figured I get so much info and advice here I would try to contribute a bit....
    My TAF started acting up a few months ago. First it would factory reset every once in a while despite fresh batteries, but then it self corrected and was fine for a while. After that I noticed it was slow to boot, but again would eventually boot up and play normally. Then it started acting strange every time I turned on- random errors would show up. Couldn’t find anything until one day during boot up it just died. Then nothing. D19 and D21 stayed solid, D20 stayed off, even with only the power connected. Did all of the usual basic troubleshooting with connectors, checked voltages etc. The problem was eventually traced to the RAM module. Swapped in an NVRAM socket and chip (Regular RAM would work but I was planning on installing NVRAM at some point anyway) ditched the batteries and it’s up and running again.
    Fairly basic issue/diagnosis but maybe someone may be experiencing something similar, so hopefully I can save someone some time and aggravation.
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