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New Profile Posts

  1. Chris Gebz
    Chris Gebz Mike Gratton
    Hi Mike see you had sent a reply ..how are you first of all..and if you would like to make a deal I can pickup your pin tonight or in the Morning ..so what do you say ..
  2. rwmech5
  3. Chris Gebz
    Chris Gebz Halfwasted
    Was looking for trade ..no secret
  4. Chris Gebz
    Chris Gebz Halfwasted
    Got le pin..modded ..lcd ...low plays 12500
  5. Chris Gebz
    Chris Gebz soundcharger
    Got pin..modded..lcd..low plays ..12500
  6. Volley76
    Volley76 Jeff K.
    Hey Jeff, I’m also in Toronto so pickup will be easy to trade $13,500.00 cash :)
  7. Jamie Veinot
    Jamie Veinot Paul DeCristofaro
    Hi Paul. Is your Black Knight still up for grabs? Would you wrap and drop to Day n Ross?
  8. soundcharger
  9. matthewra
    matthewra Menace
    Hi Menace
    Melanie has been planning to sell our BSD and get a better one at some point. This may be best we can get - we can take it when you deliver MM or work out sooner... if a go we will sell ours
  10. matthewra
    matthewra Perry L
    Howdy, trying to sell my lesser TZ - if it sells I will buy yours... will let you know in next week
  11. Mxzmark
    Mxzmark Murphelman
    I see the data east JP is pending pick up. If the deal falls out let me know I will take it at $3200
  12. DavidM
    DavidM Aerostarz
    Hi My address is 5 Woodberry Close, London, NW7 1GD, UK
    I only require 1 board please.
    I would also prefer pay pal business if you dont mind.

    1. Aerostarz likes this.
    2. Aerostarz
      Thanks David. I can provide a price this evening for you. WIll advise.
      Mar 10, 2021
    3. Aerostarz
      Hi David, weird i could not find our conversation, and had to use a different method to reply, any how there is only one method to ship! maybe due to Covid?
      $54.64 Canadian. Small packet international Air,
      See google link.
      Mar 11, 2021
  13. DavidM
    DavidM Aerostarz
    I think this is where I can pm you.
    Please let me know if you can post to UK.
    1. Aerostarz likes this.
    2. Aerostarz
      Hi David. Yes i can but will need to package the item and get the rates. WHat is your address so i can get the quote to you?
      Do you want one or two power boards?

      I only accept Paypal and friends and family as payment option or you add the three percent. I do this as the boards are quite dscounted and i provide accurate shipping with a screen shot also.
      Mar 9, 2021
    3. Aerostarz
      Mar 9, 2021
  14. coca-cola
    coca-cola wanderleisilva
    salut, j'ai une NGG en excellente condition si jamais cela t'intéresse en échange pour ta walking dead . Merci
  15. rwmech5
    rwmech5 wanderleisilva
    I've got a nice AS pro if we could work shipping out? Cheers! Rob
  16. SamIam
    SamIam Trueno92
    Ok... Thought I'd ask just in case. Let me know if you change your mind
    1. Trueno92
      Feb 28, 2021
  17. SamIam
    SamIam Trueno92
    Hey are you interested in selling LW3? I'm looking for my first pinball machine. This might fit the bill if the price is reasonable. Thanks
    1. Trueno92
      Hey, looking for a dmd game for a trade.
      Feb 28, 2021
  18. Jeffq
    Jeffq Emil
    Hey emil how much cash for avatar?
  19. Chris Gebz
    Chris Gebz Marsien
    Hey Marsien..se you have a Game of thrones LE ..does it have color dmd and what price do you think it's worth..
  20. BMHouze
    Lockdown is over. Time for small group play.